The “YesBoss” Advantage for Candidates!

When you sign up for Yes Boss Services, you enjoy;
• Direct access to employers
• Safety assured working environment
• Competitive pay rates
• Career Counselling & Training

The “Yes Boss” Advantage for Employers!

When you sign up for Yes Boss Services, we assure you,

A thorough follow up
We ensure our candidates turn up to job on time once they commence work.

Constant update

We keep you posted of any issues pertaining to the candidate, late arrivals to work, or absence prior to candidates being due on site and a substitution will be organised if required.

Excellent customer service

We provide a dedicated client representative that is available 24 hours a day if required.

Well-read recruiters

All Yes Boss Services employees that recruit our candidates in the office possess sound knowledge and thoroughly understand the tasks that candidates will be required to undertake on any job.

Improve the efficiency of your operation

Streamline your workforce to core levels and let us supply additional staff only when needed.

Eliminate the training and lowered productivity of novice new hires
Save time and money by utilising our pool of experienced workers.

Add capacity and enhance productivity to your workforce

Hiring extra staff through us to serve as assistants can reduce costs and frees up your key workers to complete critical tasks.

For Candidates

Our recruiters are experts in recommending candidates to our clients that we believe will be an excellent fit for their company. We supply a range of candidates to ensure a hassle-free work ambience for your company.

Whether you are an employer or job seeker you can be assured as we have the highest skilled recruiters and allocators on hand to meet your needs.

All our recruiters and allocators have sound knowledge and experience on recruitment & selection, health and safety, & Labour Operations.

We believe that by having a fully trained and experienced team of recruiters and allocators we can supply you with candidates who are adequately trained, have the correct qualifications and hold relevant tickets for your project.

Services Offered

Whether you are new to the workforce, looking for a career change or seeking a new job, we can help. We start by learning about your interests and skills. And then we provide you with temporary employment options that are likely to be a good fit. We understand that finding the right job match isn’t just about matching an opportunity with your skills and interests, but also the lifestyle and employment environment you’re interested in. That’s why we have many employment options, including:

• Temporary & contract recruitment
• Permanent Recruitment

Why Us – Yes Boss Services embarks on a venture this 2020, unveiling a hassle-free labour solution, maintaining an extensive pool of qualified and motivated individuals to provide top-notch client support, employee support on-demand. We aim on meeting your needs and empowering the individuals in our workforce.
In our pursuit of the best solution, we begin with each person’s personal drive and entrepreneurial spirit. Industry leaders need the best expertise; top candidates need their dream job. We bring them together so that both succeed. Voila! We are matchmakers! So, bid bye-bye to your worries, because we’ve got your back.

Service Areas

We know how vital it is to have candidates not only turn up but also able to perform the tasks that are given to them as we firmly believe that we have the experience and drive necessary to be a key part of the success of your company. With our clients, we build growth upon honest and reliable relationships. We value the relationship equally and work in partnership to deliver your desired result, whether we meet you as a candidate or client. We cater to following areas;

• General Trade
• Hospitality
• Finance & Accounting
• Aged care & Nursing
• IT
• Cleaners

Employee & Workplace Safety

We understand that Health and Safety is of utmost importance and ensure that all employees are provided with an induction prior to being placed with a host employer and that they hold all necessary qualifications and certification required for their field of work.

We ensure that all employees within Yes Boss Services are always striving to achieve the highest level of safety standards across all of our divisions.

We ensure the following procedures are carried out in advance of the candidates being sent to work.


The relevant information about the job; including the qualifications, skills and licenses needed so the right candidate is matched to the position.

Work with client to identify potential health and safety issues.


A written agreement with the client that clearly outlines their work, health and safety expectations, and responsibilities, including the channels to quickly communicate information.


Ensure our clients have effective communication processes in place with their workers.

Safety Management

Have a documented system for managing staff training including health and safety training programs.

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