Landscape Management

Are you in need of an eye-appealing, aesthetically pleasing garden space? Well we at Yes Boss Services, offer expert landscaping and gardening design with reliable horticultural practices along with first-rate customer services, giving a complete makeover to your green space making it your own oasis of serenity.

Our skilled landscaping team, with a comprehensive landscape architectural plan, will give you a consistent guideline on your green space makeover, in which you can also have a say in what type of landscaping elements you would prefer, allowing us to more effectively bring your green dream to life. We strive to give your property a healthy touch of life that brings happiness and serenity. Paving the way to an exquisite landscape space, our team of skilled landscaping professionals will ensure to keep your green space last long.

• Routine grounds maintenance
• Seasonal colour plantings
• Native planting areas
• Structured planting beds
• Seasonal & perennial turf

Why Us

We help you realize your green dream with a therapeutic touch, a magical impact to your garden!

Our main motive is to transform our customers’ outdoor environments to a place of inspiration and beauty by offering services focused on high customer value, long-term sustainability, creativity and quality.

We stand out from the rest not only because we always go all-out to match and exceed client expectations but also our passion towards giving birth to another green masterpiece.

We see to every aspect of design, construction, planting and maintenance from inception to completion. As a result, this integrated approach brings down project time by streamlining each phase of implementation.

At Yes Boss Services, you’ll receive:

•Excellence workmanship that is guaranteed to last.
•Work form licensed, hardworking & candid professionals
•Reliable service that is completed on time and on budget.
•Plain & simple pricing policy
•Personal touch
•Long term customer relationships & effective communication

Arbor Management

Trees are one of the most treasured, valuable, and important elements of a landscape. Implementing proactive strategies to ensure tree health, protects the beauty and value of your property. Our services include; trimming, pruning, removal of deadwood and diseased tissue, assess safety and liability concerns, root management, advisement of new tree selection based on property microclimate.

Nursery/Tree Farm

As a licensed & registered nursery/tree farm, we produce and sell nursery stock that we know will thrive in the climate where it is to be planted.

Our sole purpose is to provide our customers with a large variety of top-shelf nursery stock at a fair market value. Consisting of plants, trees and shrubs that are high in quality, for example, Fruit Trees, Forest Trees, Ornamental Trees, Indoor Palms, Tropical Palms, Local Date Palms, Ground Covers, Seasonal Flowers, Ornamental Shrubs, Climbers, Succulents, Tall Grasses and more, we assure that our customers will be extremely contented with the quality of plants and trees they will receive at Yes Boss Services.

Trimming & Pruning

Trimming & pruning are two of the most important procedures that are mandatory in gardening to preserve the beauty of your trees, shrubs & hedges. It also helps;

•Increase land value and enhance the aesthetic beauty
•Revamp plant shape and appearance
•Lessen the risk of damage from storms
•Maintain plant health and vigour
•Restore damaged plants
•Lower the risk of tree failure
•Boost flower and fruit production

The skilled and trained trimmers at Yes Boss Services can safely prune trees of any size to structure and shape young trees and preserve and protect more mature trees. Common techniques utilised are crown cleaning, crown thinning, reduction pruning, structural pruning, crown raising, restoration pruning and root pruning. Our certified landscapers have the experience, knowledge and specialised tools to identify problem areas, keep your property safe and your trees and landscape well maintained.

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