Why Us Having been in the turf for 11 years, we are a licensed and an insured company that specialises in all aspects of residential, commercial and industrial cleaning.Based in the state of Victoria, Yes Boss Services is a private limited company, established in 2007.

For almost 11 years we have been delivering exceptional services across Victoria. We are renowned as being a service provider with a reputation for excellence, and have grown to become one of the Victoria’s most appreciated and successful contract cleaning companies. Not only we offer a wide range of dedicated cleaning and support services tailored to your exact needs but also affordable prices.

Bust the dust, a spotless touch!

Our strength is our people, their performance is the measure of our excellence and they also have undergone Australian Federal Police Security checks before being allowed access to sensitive premises or situations.

We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for emergency and scheduled cleaning of your premises and we are happy to inspect premises and provide free quotes for any and all cleaning needs. Our focus is mainly in Ballarat, but we are happy to travel to any part of the Victoria to meet your cleaning needs, and we frequently send teams to various remote sites (outskirts of Victoria).

To deliver better value to our clients ,we provide them a service second to none at highly competitive cost. Life becomes simpler and easier knowing they can rely on us to take care of all their cleaning requirements, and much more besides.

The majority of our work involves cleaning of commercial and industrial premises on an ongoing contractual basis but, of course, we also undertake ad-hoc and one-off projects as required. Our core services also include pre-occupation cleaning of new developments, the pre-inspection cleaning at the end of tenancies, the regular cleaning of business & private premises. We have never turned down a job for being too big or too small.

Domestic Cleaning

Instead of spending your weekends doing not so interesting cleaning, give yourself a day off, leave the cleaning and chores to the experts who love doing it. All you need to do is decide how many hours based on your budget and what chores you’d like covered in that time. Our friendly area coordinators are your point of contact should you wish to change arrangements, or change cleaner. Let us take care of the housework which includes;

At a glance
House Cleaning
Kitchen Cleaning
Bathroom Cleaning
End of Lease Cleaning and many more

Commercial Cleaning Service

With us you get access to a highly experienced team who have been working in the industry for many years. They have experience of managing commercial contracts, from small offices to large blue-chip companies. From offices, work stations, communal kitchens, bathrooms, carpets, polished floors and all hard surfaces.We will assess your office cleaning needs and will develop a plan that will assist you in creating a great office environment.

At a glance
Office Cleaning
Warehouse Cleaning
Industrial & Manufacturing Cleaning
Hotel Cleaning

End of Lease Cleaning Service

If you need to get a property ready for viewing in a flash, then the Yes Boss Services is there for you to provide End of Tenancy Cleaning Services in Victoria(move In deep cleaning or move out steam cleaning & disinfection). Whether you are moving out and would like to get your security deposit back in full, or need to prepare a rental space for the next sublet, then you need the Yes Boss Services End of Tenancy Cleaning service.

Car Cleaning & Detailing Service

We are car care people who believes in innovation & customer convenience. We provide unique and premium car care services at customer’s doorsteps. We specialise in,

Car Cleaning

Car wash without moving the car from its parking spot. Have your car perfectly cleaned, while you leave for shopping or other activities. Our washing carts do not leave any dirt or water on the floor. Our washing method is eco-friendly, since our requirement for water is only 10 liter for a full wash. We are saving around 50 liters of water in each car wash compared to the traditional car wash. Our crew members are all trained and skilled and fully equipped with all the supplies needed to deliver the best results.

Car Detailing

Give your car that shiny look it had when you first bought it. We use non-silicone and high quality products to take care of your car. A clay bar cleans the paint surface and removes contaminates such as sap or pollution, leaving your paint silky smooth. Next a protective wax coating to leave your vehicle with a slick silky shines. We can polish and buff your vehicle’s paint to a smooth silky shine. We use only high quality polish and wax to create that show car look you desire.

Window Cleaning Service

At Yes Boss Services we can provide you with a skilled and professional window cleaning service. All works external or internal are undertaken in accordance with recognised safety standards. And all operatives are fully trained, we employ the right people for the right job. Our window cleaning service utilise the latest know-how alongside new techniques to deliver the best cleaning service to you.

At a glance
Cradle access
Cherry picker and lift access
Ground and ladder work
Reach and wash system

Carpet Cleaning Service

Yes Boss Services can clean and maintain your carpets as and when required. We offer a comprehensive range of cleaning solutions including protecting, preserving and freshening your carpet. We have a variety of different cleaning systems available to suit each of our client’s individual requirements. Preserving a clean and hygienic office surrounding is paramount to showing a professional image.

At a glance
Hot water extraction
Bonnet mopping
Dry powder method
Dry fusion

Pressure Cleaning Service

Yes Boss Service uses the best machine to vanish stubborn grout. This high-pressure washing machine shoots a special solution at a high pressure, which loosens the sticky grout from the toughest surfaces. Regular floor mopping usually doesn’t do the job on tough grout. Mopping just pushes the dirt inside the grout. When this happens, the best solution is to consider a professional cleaning service.

At a glance
Gently remove all the objects from the floor
Vacuum the floor thoroughly; to remove any debris and dust
Apply chemical solution to the solid floors to loosen dirt and grime
Use jet/power machines to clean floors

Tile & Grout Cleaning Service

Keeping your tile floors and shower walls clean can be a never-ending battle, especially if that stubborn dirt has made its way deep into your grout.

Yes Boss Services understands your frustration, and we’re here to help. Dirty tile and grout can be deep-cleaned, sanitized and restored to like-new condition. Our tile and grout technicians use a powerful truck-mounted cleaning system that extracts dirt, grime, and allergens trapped deep within the porous surfaces. What’s left are dramatically clean results that will make your floors sparkle once again. We can also seal your grout to help prevent the penetration of dirt and bacteria.

At a glance
Tile scrubbing and buffing service
Tile floor deep cleaning and sanitizing
Tile and grout cleaning
Tile floor mopping and disinfection

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